Bruxismo en Niños

We have mentioned that teeth clenching in necessary to regulate stress. What is not adequate is the apparition of pain (head, face), problems in the mandibular joint and excessive teeth wearing. These problems also affect children. Particularly in their case, the neck should be investigated.

If your child describes headache, or neck pain, and you observe an excessive teeth wearing, it is possible to obtain a thorough diagnosis of bruxism. The Clinica Loyer treatment is a non-invasive one (no pharmacology, no treatment of the teeth themselves), and in some cases, depending on the age of the child, there might not be a need for a night guard (relaxation plaque). The interdisciplinary work between kinesiology (RPG), and dentistry (Loyer Method) is able to solve these problems and to allow a healthy growth of your children starting as early as five years old.