How to Interpret the List of Symptoms

Please, read the list carefully. Verify if you have one or more of the mentioned symptoms.

It is not necessary to have all of the symptoms in order to seek for help. There is not a minimum number of symptoms that would justify a diagnostic appointment with us. For instance, you might feel that your mandible does not have a resting position, and no other symptom. But you have been seeking for help for a long time. You feel that this sole symptom bothers you a lot. In this case, it would be very adequate to get a diagnosis appointment.

The same is the case for someone that might have an accentuated teeth wearing, and lately started to feel tension on the sides of the mandible. If that person also started having headache and neck pain, we also recommend to get a diagnosis appointment, since an early treatment ends up being easier, cheaper and faster.

If the symptom recognition is not enough, and you need more information, we would appreciate you reading a Wider Perspective on Bruxism.