Definición de Bruxismo

Bruxism is an exaggerated teeth clenching, mainly at night, but can also happen during the day. It has been scientifically proven that teeth clenching in necessary in order to regulate stress, and it has a direct relationship with the hormonal system equilibrium (Sato, 2008). The problem is not to clench the teeth, but to clench them too much, generating deleterious consequences for the organism: excessive tooth wearing and tooth pain; headache; problems in the mandibular joint, and neck pain, among others.

In order to determine what is bruxism exactly producing in you, and how it should be treated, it is necessary to perform a thorough diagnosis of the entire masticatory system, including a general diagnosis of the neck. The masticatory system and the neck form a neurologic, functional and biomechanical unity, and cannot be separated from each other neither for diagnosis, nor for treatment. The Loyer Method fully responds to this need.