Loyer Method

The goal of the Loyer Method is to treat BRUXISM (see more) and its consequences: PAIN and DYSFUNCTION of the masticatory system. It counts with a detailed diagnosis of the masticatory system: skin, subcutaneous tissue, masticatory muscles, jaw joint, dental occlusion, and neck. This diagnosis allows us to determine a list of problems that help us to define the final goals of the treatment. This list also makes possible monitoring treatment gains.

This method does no use pharmachology, and does not use invasive methods to treat bruxism, neither Orthodontics (brackets), nor Oral Rehabilitation (fixed prosthetics).

The Loyer Method includes a treatment plan based on:

A. Using an interoclusal appliance (night guard) just during sleep. It is called the Anterior Function Possibilitator. This apparatus is very comfortable, and can be regulated in the intensity with which embraces the teeth. It is very well accepted, it has a high degree of durability, and is quite effective in achieving muscular relaxation.

B. Manual Therapy: it is a technique that has been scientifically developed in Canada and the US. It´s goal is to restitute the collagen tissue metabolism, to reestablish the lost blood irrigation in muscles, skin, subcutaneous tissue and in the mandibular joint. It is an almost painless technique, and produces local and systemic effects (Lederman, 2005). See figure.

C. Contemporary Medical Electroacupuncture: this technique has been developed with basis on neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. It is different from Chinese acupuncture, since it is not focused in energy channels. Its targets are neuro-reactive structures. It helps in a very similar way as Manual Therapy does concerning the restitution of normal function of the tissues, and the transmission of neural impulses to and from these tissues. If someone cannot be treated with acupuncture needles, the Manual Therapy will render similar results, but probably in a longer period of time. See more.

D. Neurological Occlusal Adjustment: it is a MILIMETRIC adjustment of the occlusion in order to “follow” the positional changes of the mandibular bone as a whole. This change in mandibular bone position is produced by pacifying the mandibular surrounding tissues. The milimetric adjustment is not visible to the naked eye, and it is never performed outside the realm of the Loyer Method.