Our Services

Medical Odontology

  1. • Bruxism diagnosis and treatment in adults, adolescents, and children.
  2. • General Dentistry (integral care of you buccal health).
  3. • Esthetic Dentistry (composites, porcelain facets, etc.).
  4. • Oral Rehabilitation (crowns, bridges, etc.).
  5. • Fixed and removable Orthodontics
  6. • Invisalign (transparent Orthodontics, no brackets).

Kinesiology Global Postural Re-Education (RPG)

  1. • Treatment of the cervical spine from a global perspective, and as a complement to the treatment of bruxism, when indicated an interdisciplinary work.
  2. • Scoliosis, hiperkyphosis, hiperlordosis, painful joint injuries, rheumatologic pathology aftermaths, post-traumatic problems, sequelae of neurologic spastic pathologies.
  3. • Treatment of respiratory illness.