When to set an appointment?

When an Integral Odontologic diagnosis is needed, one the embraces the following specialties: General Dentistry (fillings), Oral Rehabilitation (crowns and bridges), and Orthodontics (fixed appliances, reomovable appliances, Invisalign)

When there is BRUXISM (see more), PAIN and/or DYSFUNCTION in teeth, mouth, mandible, jaw joint (TMJ), face, head and neck.

PAIN can be acute (short lasting) or chronic (for more than three months); it could be spontaneous (hurts by itself) or pain to palpation (when the affected area is touched moderately).

The DYSFUNCTION consists in a functional disorder. For instance: a TMJ noise (click); muscular tiredness while chewing; single-eyed weeping, or much worn teeth due to clenching.

Recognize here sings an symptoms that may help you to set an appointment with us.